Dupe It Up: Beauty Glazed edition

Here we are with another dupe article, focusing this time on the dupes created by Beauty Glazed. Dedicated solely to creating quality dupes for some of the mainstream high-end brands, Beauty Glazed has been under fire for their dupes. Some of the palettes are either a hit or miss regarding the pigmentation but most people seem to like the eyeshadow fine enough.

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: January 16-23, 2019

The third week of January and it’s still rather slow with releases but it’s a pleasant change. We can actually enjoy the products before the mad rush of collections that arrive in the spring and summer. This week drugstore brands are shaking things up a bit while indie brands are making their mark via glitter.
*Updated on January 18*

Influencer Collaborations We Need in 2019

I’ve been thinking about beauty influencers that post creative content and value honesty when reviewing products. These are the influencers that deserve a collaboration with brands; they have shown their devotion to the brand along with demonstrating the products with high aptitude but not succumbing to the temptation of giving a product a rave review when it actually sucks just to stay on the PR list.

Holiday Haul (Part 2)

The rest of the makeup I ordered during the holidays finally arrived! If you haven’t read about the first part of my haul, click here. On to the makeup.

Cosmetic Launch Roundup: January 8-15, 2019

It’s already the second week of January and I’m appreciating the small break from makeup launches (there aren’t many for this week). Keep reading for this week’s launches. 
*Updated on January 10th!*

Dupe It Up: Ccolor Cosmetics edition

Welcome to the first dupe article of 2019! I recently discovered Ccolor Cosmetics when the brand began to follow me on Instagram. I checked out their site and discovered all of their eyeshadow palettes were dupes, meaning I could create another dupe article for you.